Ecto Pro Glass Red

Ecto Pro Glass Red


Have fun bodysurfing faster and further!

The #EctoGlass is designed to give you more speed and lift bodysurfing any wave. A great all-round handplane made from PU foam-fibreglass that offers paddling freedom, acceleration/hold in all conditions and is ideal for beginners to performance bodysurfing spinners.

Have fun and enjoy the ocean more!


• Action Cam (GoPro) Mount. Use the built-in FCS nose mount to screw in an Action Camera (GoPro) to capture all your barrels and wipe-outs.

• Fabric Inlay. The Red Racer print evokes the stoke of bodysurfing speed  

• Adjustable Hand Strap. Fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene strap with an optional wrist leash.

• Adjustable Toggle Tether Wrist Leash. Included as an optional safety cord.

• Durable Resin. Glassed in polyester resin with a smooth finish - the same as your surfboard!

• Single Concave. Light single concave optimised for generating speed and hold.

• Award Winning Design. International A'Design Award 2015, Good Design Award Selection 2014, Sydney Design Award 2013

• Dimensions. 11" x 8" x 1" (1L approx)

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