DROP INS with... Meredith Rose


It’s enough for any competitive athlete to take out the key events, make the quarter finals more often than not and rack up the points to come out on top come season’s close. To win every single contest they enter is an absolutely unfathomable pipe dream… but Meredith Rose dreams in pipes.

Claimant of gold in every 2018 event, and surfing a very solid year thus far claiming gold once again at the oceanside worlds, Meredith Rose is not merely leading the charge of female whompers, she’s leading the charge of the entire ‘sport’. Hailing from one of California’s hotbeds of bodysurfing, the Del Mar local belies her competition prowess with beaming grin and boundless stoke. We Drop In with Meredith after a strong double-win of event one in the California Bodysurf Tour:

What is your home break?

MR: Del Mar, CA

When did you start & why do you bodysurf?

MR: I ditched my boards and started bodysurfing seriously about 5 years ago.  I love the freedom and rush of bodysurfing.

Best bodysurfing experience?

MR: Competitively: Winning the World Bodysurfing Championships in Oceanside

Fun: Bodysurfing a big open face wave for over a minute in Mexico (a feat currently being assessed as a potential World Record)

Weapons of choice?

MR: If I’m going bodysurfing, I’m going out with my DMC Repellor Fins (“La Mer” model in hot pink) and my Garage Handplane (GoKart).  I’ve tried many others, but hands-down those are my go-to favorites.

I love using a handplane.  I love fast, long rides on open-faced waves and shoulders.  Using a handplane maximizes my speed and lift, allowing me to get slotted in the best part of the wave for the most amount of time.

Secret tip to better bodysurfing?

MR: Wave knowledge is key.  It’s more critical than what fins, wetsuit, or handplane you have.  Using a bodyboard is a good way to get there. Once you learn to predict when, where and how a wave will break, ditch the board and use the fins and handplane to maximize your fun.

Best/favourite wave in the world?

MR: Always searching for the best bodysurfing wave, but I love larger waves with shoulders for long rides, so my favorite waves have been in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico (so far!).

Who is the person who has inspired you the most?

MR: Mike Stewart.  Back in the day, I loved seeing his photos in Bodyboarder magazine. More recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to see him bodysurfing in person.  He is absolutely amazing at both forms of wave-riding.

What are your bodysurfing aspirations?

MR: I’d love to win the California Bodysurfing Tour, but the competition is really tough!

Best amp-up track?

MR: “Natural” by Imagine Dragons

What is your best advice for protecting our playground?

MR: Eliminate using plastic as much as possible.  Only eat sustainably caught seafood (or none at all).