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In 2016, Rikki Gilbey of WAW Handplanes organised the first Whomp Off Australia. A small affair, it featured just four teams bodysurfing. The East Sydney Bodysurfers, Wommin Wompers, South Coast Bodysurfers and the Northern Beaches Whompers. Little did he know that the Whomp Off Australia would turn into the largest team based bodysurfing event run globally. With over 14 teams and 120 competitors registered this year, the competition is running ahead on the 15th of September (tomorrow) at North Cronulla Beach. In lead up to the event we had a chat with competition organiser Rikki Gilbey to talk all things Whomp Off Australia.

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DaFiN bodysurfing fins are commonly known to be one of the worlds best surf, surf rescue and swim fins. In 2018, DaFiN are supporting the bodysurfing community and have become a major sponsor of Whomp Off Australia in Cronulla on the 15th of September. In lead up to the event, we had a chat with DaFiN Team Manager, Kenui Cochran,  to talk all things Whomp Off.

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Swellnet Whomp Off Australia 2018 Interview

Since the early 2000s, Swellnet has been providing Australian surfers with regular surf reports, forecasts and access to live surfcams. Over the years it has built into a thriving online community of surfers, spanning social media, forums and online information boards featuring daily content focused on everything to do with surf photography, industry news, surfing trends, environmental issues and various surf related journals. In 2018, Swellnet decided to support the bodysurfing community and become major sponsors of the Whomp Off Australia to be held in Cronulla on the 15th of September.

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