It's Finally Here! Bodysurfin The Movie 2

From the creators of the iconic bodysurfing movie, ‘Bodysurfin' The Movie’, Bodysurfin The Movie 2 is finally here. Aussie larrikin’s David Schwepps and the Team are back bigger and browner than ever with their new full length movie. New moves. New Characters and new Bodysurfin' songs!

If you haven’t heard of Bodysurfin' The Movie, we highly recommend getting your mates over, grab a slab from the bottle-o, throwing some snags on the barbie and get ready for some fair dinkum, frothy good times. Watch the first, then the second and then let them know how much we need a third instalment in the comments below. If it doesn’t get the stoke and bodysurfing juices flowing, then no wucka’s, head to our instagram to check out more epic bodysurfing content. We have some very exciting developments coming up and super stoked for the upcoming months.


Stealth Fins used for the film.

Stealth S4 Emerald Green/Black
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Stealth S4 Emerald Green/Black
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