NATHAN LEHOUX wins the double IN ANGLET, BADINA WINS THE Overall french cup of bodysurfing

© FFSurf / Guillaume Arrieta

© FFSurf / Guillaume Arrieta

Recently, the final leg of the French Cup of Bodysurfing went down. What a day it was. The conditions were superb for the last round of the Coupe de France 2018: waves of one and a half meters and off-shore wind all day long. Beautiful and warm, the perfect day for bodysurfing. 
Nathan Lehoux finally made the double by dominating Mateo Clémente in hope and taking the best of Jonathan Despergers in Open. However, we did not forget the masterful tube by Despergers in the quarter-final, noted 9/10.

A surprise to be met: the elimination of Matias Libier, champion of France and Cup holders in the quarters, in the series against Paul Grieumard and Arthur Picard. Grieumard was finally beaten by Joel Badina when he was eliminated, the two men were competing for the final victory of the Coupe de France. 

Badina therefore wins the overall classification (2590 points) ahead of Paul Grieumard (2470 points) and Nathan Lehoux, third (2460 points). In the Espoirs, Nathan Lehoux won the French Cup (2860 points) ahead of Alix Schorsch (2070 points) second and Mateo Clémente third (1860 points).

In the women's competition, Sandy Brazeilles dominates the final despite Emmanuelle Masurel's return to the last wave. She also won the final standings with 1860 points ahead of Léa Solari (1400 points) and Nina Lamotte (1000 points).


1. Nathan Lehoux (Biarritz Coastal Rescue) 
2. Jonathan Despergers (Biarritz Coastal Rescue) 
3. Joel Badina (Guides Baths Angloys) 
4. Julen Marticorena (Biarritz ASC) 

1. Sandy Brazeilles 
2. Emmanuelle Masurel (Anglet Surf Club ) 
3. Léa Solari (Biarritz Coastal Rescue) 
4. Érika Clémente (Anglet Surf Club) 

1. Nathan Lehoux (Biarritz Coastal Rescue) 
2. Mateo Clémente (Anglet Surf Club) 
3. Alix Shorsh (Son of the Baïnes)

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