DaFiN bodysurfing fins are commonly known to be one of the worlds best surf, surf rescue and swim fins. In 2018, DaFiN are supporting the bodysurfing community and have become a major sponsor of Whomp Off Australia in Cronulla on the 15th of September. In lead up to the event, we had a chat with Kenui Cochran, DaFiN Team Manager and son of Co-founder Andy Cochran,  to talk all things Whomp Off.

Q.     It’s great to see your a major sponsor of this years Whomp Off Australia, what has attracted you to becoming part of the event?

A. We’re stoked on the unique contest format. It sounds super fun. Our founder is an Aussie and we’ll take any excuse to fly down under. 

Q.      Many bodysurfing competitions around the world, if not all that i can recall are individual comps. How do you feel about the team aspect of Whomp Off Australia? Would you like to see more team based competitions globally?

A. We think the team format is a great opportunity to make friends, get more people involved and have fun while competing. Yes, we’d like to see more team based competitions globally. 

Q.     Bodysurfing in Australia is making a real comeback of late. How have you seen bodysurfing around the world developing recently? What do you think is the cause of this?

A. We’ve seen more contests, more people in the water bodysurfing and more people talking about it. Bodysurfing is a thrill and there aren’t many barriers to try it if you can swim. All you need is a pair of fins. It’s easy to keep your fins handy and hop in the water wherever you find a break. 

Q.     What do you think the future holds for bodysurfing in Australia and what does the future hold for DaFiN in Australia?

A. We’ve always seen people bodysurfing for fun in the shore break in Australia. There are a lot of waves and really good watermen and waterwomen. It’s the perfect place for bodysurfing to really blossom as a sport and we see our selves continuing to support it. We have a great distributor and team riders in Australia. 

Q.     What are your thoughts on the use of handplanes for bodysurfing?

A. Whatever gets you out there and having fun, mate, even if it’s a McDonalds tray. 

Q.     What are the best fins to run in for the Fin Sprint event?

A. We are going to use our DaFiN KICKS. Try to keep up :)

Q.     There is a man on the microphone at this years event who goes by the name of Belly Slater, have you heard of him?

A. Yes! We met him in Noosa and laugh with him on Instagram. 

Q.     There are some big names at this years event, who do you think are the ones to watch?

A. Everyone. It’s all about having fun and spreading the stoke. 

Q.     Who do you think is the best bodysurfer in the world right now? Who do you think we should be watching as the next best?

A. The guy with the biggest smile, of course. We’re sure you want more than that: Mike Stewart, Keith Malloy and of course, our Mark Cunningham are our favourites. Watch out for the young guns on our team around the world. They all have different styles and strengths that blow our mind. 

Q.  If the brand DaFiN wanted to be known for one thing, what would it be?
A. Providing the best swim fin for safety and fun while spreading the aloha spirit. 

Q.  Which team do you think will take home the chocolates? 

A. Hopefully team DaFiN! Looking forward to getting to watch the Aussie bodysurfers we haven’t seen before. 

Q. Who is coming along from Hawaii with the DaFiN team?

A. Competing we have Mark Cunningham, Kanekoa Wilcox, Kealii Punley, Wyatt Yee and Dane Torres. Cheering provided by Kenui Cochran, Ryan Lundquist, Katye Cunningham and Maile Thompson.