The Ultimate Body Surfing Gift Guide 2019

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Gifts for Under $60

“For The Beginner Frothers”

Stealth Plugga Blk/O 13"
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The Stealth Plugga’s are the new EPS foam handplanes from Stealth Bodyboards. Suited to all ages, however perfect for a beginner or young frother who loves to get to the beach and surf their hearts out amongst the shorebreak.

Belly Beachie Black/White
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The Belly Beachie is the ultimate fun machine. Simple in design and the perfect blend between a bodysurfing handplanes and kickboards. Ride it with one hand on the grip pad, or hold it by the sides with 2 hands and rip.

The MiNi bORd © JUNIOR is DMC Fins miniature soft handplane. Ideal for a young bodysurfer. Soft, safe, easy to use and the smaller hand strap ensures that the bodysurfing hand fits in snug.

WAW Timber DIY Kit
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The WAW DIY Kit gives you the freedom to design, create, shape and surf your own bodysurfing handplane using the finest materials. There is nothing quite like shaping your own board, going out there and scoring waves on it.

Gifts for Under $130

“For The Confident Swimmer”

The Stealth S4’s are a versatile swim fin suited to both bodysurfing and bodyboarding, which ever one chooses to do on the day. Generally suited to a wider foot, the shorter blade on these fins ensures a short, sharp and strong kick.

The Ecto Metal Fly Fish Handplane. Manufactured from ultra light aluminium, they are ideal for for bodysurfers who enjoy surfing with a smaller handplane, or those who want to experience bodysurfing with a minimilist board where less = more.

DaFiN Zak Noyle Blue
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For the hardcore bodysurfer, lifeguard or surf photographer, DaFiNs are well known as the worlds best bodysurfing fin. Their design of soft rubber and rigid rails ensure that both comfort and performance are the top of the priority list.

WAW BadFish - Aqua
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The WAW BadFish is a high performance handplane constructed from Ocean plastic waste. with its concaved hull, rounded rails and hydrodynamic shape its designed to catch wave after wave leaving nothing but cleaner oceans in its path,

Gifts for $130+

“For The Pros”

WAW Arrow Fish
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The WAW Fish is perfect for any ocean lover. As well as being the most environmentally sustainable handplane on the Australian market, this handshaped high performance bodysurfing handplane, will have you catching Wave After Wave. A tree planted for every board sold

The Ecto Glass 11" Ray Collins 'Sunburst (ltd ed) is perfect for the all round bodysurfer. With that classic mini surfboard look, this handplane is shaped from PU foam and fibreglass, it has an inbuilt Go Pro mount to record all the action.

Garage Go kart mkII Onyx
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The Garage Go Kart Mk II. A top of the range bodysurfing handplane manufactured from high-density EPS foam with a carbon fibre shell. Super light and super fast. Perfect for the real bodysurfing fanatic.

At the handplane workshop, based in Sydney, the shapers get to design, create and shape their very own handplane under the expert guidance of the WAW Handplanes shaper Rikki Gilbey. Leave with your finished board on the day!

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