Kalani Lattanzi, The Big Wave Bodysurfing Madman

Kalani Lattanzi on a very large Nazare bomb!

Kalani Lattanzi on a very large Nazare bomb!

Fresh from his recent winter stint in Nazare, Portugal, we managed to catch up with the big wave bodysurfing madman that is Kalani Lattanzi. Kalani has made quite a name for himself around the globe, going viral for his exploits at his homebreak Itacoatiara, his second home Puerto Escondido and what seems his new third home riding mountains of water in Nazare, Portugal. Here is what he had to say...

Q. So tell me about yourself, where are you from?

I born in Maui, Hawaii in 1994 and moved to Brasil when I was just 6 months old (little baby). From then on I grew up in Niteroi City, Brasil and I still am living there.

Q. When did your story in the ocean begin?

All my life I have loved the ocean, but the moment I fell in love with it I was 12 years old. Some of my friends invited me to go to Itacoatiara beach and I got some sick bodysurfing waves, it was so good

Q. I've seen you delve into many forms of surfing, making a name for yourself in bodyboarding too. What order did you learn them?

First came bodysurfing, then bodyboarding and last was stand up surfing.

Q. You tackle some insanely big waves! Which spots are your favourite and why?

First and favorite spot is my homebreak Itacoatiara, but I really like Zicatela Beach, Mexico. It's warm water, perfect waves and some big waves too. Also,  Nazaré , Portugal, the biggest waves in the world.

Q. Where is next on your list to bodysurf?

I really want to surf Point panics in Oahu, Hawaii and maybe one day Mavericks, California.

Q. What's the biggest wave you've bodysurfed?

Here in Nazare for sure, I don't know exactly the size but the photos give a good idea. I have for sure got the biggest waves of my life here

Q. You must be extremely fit, how do you condition yourself for the ocean?

The best training for me is go to the water.  Bodysurf, bodyboard, surf. Some wipeouts will make you stronger and stronger. Eating healthy is also very important as well as alot of stretching . In Brasil, I train with some professional trainers, but when i'm on the road, I just stretch and surf.

Q. What's the worst wipe out you've had?

It was 2 years ago here in Nazare, surfing with my 9'6 . Paddled on the first wave of the set, could not drop in, then caught all the waves behind on the head. Stay a lot of time down hahahah .What does'nt kill you makes you stronger haha.

Q. What bodysurfing gear do you use?

My favourite bodysurfing fins are the DMC Repellors, Leblonfins and Kpaloa. I also use a handplane sometimes.

Q. The popularity of bodysurfing has grown recently, what do you see for the future of bodysurfing?

Bodysurf is a such a beautiful sport and I can see it growing more and more in the years to come. I'm hoping I can inspire more to take up bodysurfing, big waves or small.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wants to bodysurf bigger waves?

Go big!!! Keep healthy and train for it. Be prepared. Find someone to go with you. Having friends is always good in big days, for safety and for fun.

 Kalani Lattanzi with his   DMC Repellors

 Kalani Lattanzi with his  DMC Repellors

Kalani dives under an avalanche of water  Photo: Joao "Brek" Bracourt

Kalani dives under an avalanche of water

Photo: Joao "Brek" Bracourt

Bodysurfer - Kalani Lattanzi with the airdrop  Photographer -  @ShannonReporting

Bodysurfer - Kalani Lattanzi with the airdrop

Photographer - @ShannonReporting


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