6 Bodysurfers You Should Be Following On Instagram

1. Kealiʻi Punley (@mahalokealii)

Hailing from Hawaii, the birthplace and spiritual home of bodysurfing, Punley oozes style and aloha. A sponsored rider for Dafin, his Instagram is scattered with epic photos and videos taking on the biggest Hawaiian shorebreaks on offer. 


2. Lachie Rombouts (@lachierombouts)

A true waterman, when there's waves, Lachie Rombouts is there. When hes not sliding into some Uluwatu goodness using his DMC Repellors, he can be found on the East Coast of Australia tackling any big wave, whether its on a handplane, a short board or a long board. If it floats, he can surf, it in heavy water too. 


3. Zachary Handcock (@zaquaman_)

Bursting onto the scene, Zachary Handcock has a knack for finding Sydney's big barrels and biggest drops. A reef specialist bodysurfer, his videos and pictures are great eye candy for any ocean enthusiast. He swears by his WAW Handplanes Two Tone Fish on the big waves. If you like spearfishing too, he's got you covered. His instagram showcases some of the many pleasures of calling Sydney his home. 


4. Ray Collins (@iamraycollins)(@raycollinsphoto)

Ray Collin's is most well known for his decorated surf photography career, being featured by Vogue, Wired, New York Post, Yahoo, CNN, ABC (USA), ESPN, The Australian, Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. His work is regularly in Art, Lifestyle, Sport and Photography Magazines around the world, his Seascapes have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout The United States, Europe, The UK and Australia. However, it wasn't until recently that the world found out Ray is also an epic bodysurfer. Leaving the DSLR on the beach and picking up his Ecto Handplane, Ray is  now bodysurfing the gnarly waves that we have all loved in his photography works.


5. Belly Slater (@belly_slater)

The mastermind behind the Belly Beachie, Belly Slater is a modern legend of the Australian bodysurfing scene. Well known for his introduction of the GIRT lifestyle into Australian bodysurfing culture and his dedication to bodysurfing's spin off sport Fin Sprinting, Belly's instagram account is always incredibly entertaining. Whether it's a Shreddie Murphy barrel selfie, or a promo video worthy of an Oscar. If your not following Belly, your missing out big time. 


6. Thomas Marr (@thomas.a.marr)

Thomas Marr entered his first bodysurfing competition in 2015 at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. He has won every event there since, as well as taking out the 2015 World Title in his age group at the Oceanside Championships. Also a very talented longboarder, passion for the ocean comes out on his page.  Opting for the Garage Handplanes / Dafin combination, Thomas has a great future ahead of him.



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