The REPELLOR® is DMC Fins newest bodysurfing fin design.

Photographer -  Surfographer  (Sebastian Diaz) 

Photographer - Surfographer (Sebastian Diaz) 

The Bodysurfing Shop did an extensive test run of the DMC REPELLOR® fins over the summer. On initial inspection of the swim fin, their softness and flexibility was very different to any other swim fin encountered before, being moulded from an exclusive new non-abrasive material called Silform, as opposed to rubber. The question of comfort versus power definitely came to mind.  Several small 1-3ft summer sessions came along and we were very impressed. The extra flex and design of the fin really lived up to the More Speed, Less Fatigue motto of DMC. The innovative design, DMC call it the 'RVR’ (REVERSE VEE Rails) Technology works exceptionally in capturing the maximum volume of water and increasing power during the down kick as well as offering power in the up kick. We found a slightly different technique of smaller faster kicks worked best for speed and the REPELLOR®'s recruited the muscles in the entire leg to assist in the kick, rather than being very ankle dominant like many other fins. What we found very evident was, the more sessions with the REPELLOR®'s under your belt, the more you get out of them.

During the release of the REPELLOR®'s , many questioned whether a fin that soft and comfortable could possibly have enough power for the bigger waves. This was put to the test and they performed exceptionally in waves +4ft. It is obvious that DMC are one of the largest swim fin producers in the world, the technology and quality transfers directly to their bodysurfing specific REPELLOR®'s. Whilst improving your bodysurfing experience they also improve lower body fitness, leg strength and ankle flexibility whilst maximising speed in the water.

David Ford bodysurfing Banzai Pipeline with his DMC Repellors  Photographer - Sean Davey

David Ford bodysurfing Banzai Pipeline with his DMC Repellors

Photographer - Sean Davey


  • Ultra comfortable - the flexi Silform material makes blisters a thing of the past.
  • Slightly wider foot pocket than most fins, great if you have wide feet and normally get foot cramps. 
  • Fins come with a free pair of fin savers!
  • VERSATILITY - can be used for bodysurfing, surf rescue, bodyboarding, surf swimming, swimming, spearfishing and snorkelling.


  • Slightly wide foot pocket, not ideal for long narrow feet.
  • Fins do not float (use the fin savers!).

Overall, they are an awesome and versatile bodysurfing fin. Whether you prefer the smaller waves or the bigger waves the DMC Repellors will have you covered for countless hours of fun in the ocean. 

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DMC Repellors - Green / Black
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David Ford - 6 x World Body Surfing Championship Winner

"I was extremely surprised at how soft and comfortable they were on my feet. They took me a few sessions to figure out how to maximize the thrust, and I believe they are as good of performers as any fins I have ever used. I have used most types of fins and thought that dealing with feet cramps and blisters were an unavoidable part of using them. To my surprise I have never suffered from a foot cramp or blister using DMC fins. "



DMC celebrating another World Title for David Ford

DMC celebrating another World Title for David Ford

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