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Nicholas Brbot

The Bodysurfing Shop is the answer to all things bodysurfing.

We provide:

  • The best bodysurfing gear you can find on the market in one convenient location.

  • In-depth product reviews

  • Interviews with the world’s greatest bodysurfers.

  • Tips, tricks and how to's to inform you guys on what you should be doing to take your bodysurfing game to the next level

In a nutshell our aim is to make The Bodysurfing Shop your ultimate guide to bodysurfing.

"In the Ocean every wave has its story, moving water and energy from one place to another. In bodysurfing every wave ridden has its own personal story, a transfer of human energy to the ocean, a different feeling, a different outcome. Waves come in a variety of shapes and sizes in which many of us have developed an addiction for. An incredible sense of peace can be found in the ocean. Being at one with nature, the sensory experience of sights, sounds and smells make you feel alive..."

 Nicholas Brbot

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